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We are a four veterinarian equine and camelid practice located in Northeastern Ohio (on the east side of Cleveland). We believe in quality medicine in an atmosphere where the client and patient come first.

Our practice offers multiple treatment and diagnostic modalities for horses and alpacas, including in-house laboratory, digital radiography, digital ultrasound, endoscopy/gastroscopy, power dental equipment and nearby CT and MRI scans.



The mainstay of our practice is primarily ambulatory, however, our clinic/hospital allows our clients to haul-in. This enables us to perform onsite lameness, reproductive exams and hospitalize camelid medicine cases overnight.

The treatment areas within our clinic allow us to use digital radiography and ultrasound equipment to diagnose your horse's lameness issues and treat them at the time of your appointment.


The clinic/hospital also allows us to offer our alpaca clients reproductive examinations, including speculum and ultrasound checks, as well as hospitalization for camelid medicine and surgery cases overnight. Our alpaca medical and surgical facility allows us to offer neonatal intensive care, plasma transfusion, IV fluids, rumen transfer, and whole blood transfusions.

Dr. Agle and Dr. Keckler are active in a thriving sport horse community, performing lameness diagnostics, (including Shockwave therapy, IRAP, and PRP injections) and preventive medicine. (See our Wellness Programs)

Dr. Neary works very close with several large equine breeding operations, where her skills with rectal exams, ultrasonography, embryo transfer and medicine are highly valued.

With Geauga County's dense alpaca concentration, Dr. Agle is heavily involved with alpaca medicine and reproduction. Dr. Sauder has taken a strong interest in equine dentistry, including use of modern "power float" equipment, to improve your horse's utilization of food and overall well being.

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At Buckeye Veterinary Service, we treat your horses and camelids like the valued family members they are.

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16295 Claridon Troy Road
Burton, OH 44021